Sunday, 12 August 2018

Silver Clay leaf

1) pick a fresh leaf (2-3cm, not hairy). It's the back of the leaf that gets painted, so check that has lots of lovely veiny texture.
2) Use a small (cheap) paintbrush to apply a thin layer of paste to the underside of the leaf.
3) Let it dry slowly (e.g. overnight)
4) Apply additional layers of paste and repeat the drying process until you have made up at least 5 layers of paste (2-3mm thick).
5) Make a hanging bail by rolling and cutting out a small rectangle of PMC3. Wrap this rectangle around an oiled wooden skewer or small straw. Partially dry then remove the skewer/straw & let it finish drying. (Alternatively use a purchased fine silver "poke in" loop & attach a jump ring after)
6) Attach bail to the back of the pendant, using a little more paste/slip as "glue".
7) Torch or Kiln Fire the pendant (the leaf will burn away). Don't worry of there's more smoke than usual (it's the leaf burning away)
8) Brush the "white" off with your steel/brass brush & rub down with fine polish pads

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